Cyber-space A lawless world

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Cyber-space is a reality that is here to stay. To what extent does the Internet open new doors for us? Are we suficiently protected against cyber-problems? Is it possible to get online legal protection?
Te Internet is a real revolution made up of billions of people, companies and even machines. What is missing?
Knowledge of, regulation and protection against cyber-problems.
Cyber-law is a discipline that studies the problems facing users on the Internet. We provide the necessary solutions to obtain the best possible protection.
We have become pioneers in talking about these issues, 
and I would like this book to be a window to shed light on
everything that can happen to us online and how to avoid it.
I invite you to discover how to further understand cyber-problems encountered online, why they arise, how to combat them and how to prevent them.
Cyber-space disrupts the usual lawmaking process. It is now not the Law that governs the Internet, but the Internet that governs the Law.

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