Gone is the Mulberry Tree: Stories from La Herradura

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La Herradura is a village in the province of Granada, its bay cradled between Cerro Gordo and the Punta de la Mona, in the largest region of Spain, Andalusia. Fifty years ago the village lived from fishing and agriculture; today it lives from tourism. Here are some remembrances of people of La Herradura and the Punta de la Mona in their own words as well as recollections of the author.
Many have spoken of a Mulberry tree, a beautiful full tree with large bright leaves which once graced a field, then the inside of a disco, now cut down … gone. They speak of post Spanish Civil War, the many years of hardship followed by years of plenty, and then the crisis. How is life in La Herradura today? Is it better or worse than yesteryear?

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Felicia Hall (née Mezzacappa), licenciada en Literatura Inglesa por la Tufts University, EE.UU., conoce La Herradura desde 1970 y es residente allí con su marido, Andrew. Ha traducido cuentos de niños del español al inglés para una editorial americana y ha escrito ensayos para una revista de arte inglesa. Fue dueña de Galería de Arte Felicia Hall en La Herradura.

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