The akashic Records of Mikao Usui

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Un libro de Octavio Lombardo Rodríguez

The basis of Reiki is supported by a system that trains honest people, those people with strength and wisdom who work to heal themselves,others and the whole world. This is the first book channeled from the Akashic Records of Mikao Usui.
It tells the true story of Reiki, with explanations, anecdotes and teachings never published before. It contains one of the Mikao Usui’s favourite meditations, the meditation of the seven buddhas. Urban myths still held to be true about the history of Reiki and its practices are debunked. The Philosophy of Reiki is explained in a profound way. The “five principles” are explored with an explanation of their origins and how they serve as a path of initiation.
The 125 Poems of Emperor Meiji are commented upon. The book is illustrated by one of the best illustrators around nowadays: Albert Lledó. This book includes the basic theories, practices and philosophy that any practitioner of Reiki should be aware of.
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, this book is for you. We all want to live in a better world. There is still a long way to go for all human beings to live well in health and happiness. The Usui System of Natural Health (Reiki) is a powerful and efficient tool to help us work towards this goal.


Nacido en Jaén (España), no es escritor, ni profesor de Universidad, ni tampoco es famoso. Solo es un instrumento y un ejemplo de lo que podrías aprender a sanar y llegar a conocer si practicaras en serio tus capacidades dormidas llamadas Reiki y Registros Akáshicos. Actualmente preside la Asociación Reiki Jaén, promueve la formación de lugares donde practicar Reiki en grupo en diferentes localidades, promueve también el voluntariado de Reiki en la planta de oncología del Hospital Materno Infantil y colabora con el comedor social de San Roque en jornadas de intercambio de Reiki por alimentos.

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