Fernando Juan Garrido-Lestache Vidal


Fernando Garrido-Lestache Vidal is the author of Awaken, a book delving into
Christian theological concepts for everyday use. He was a nominally and non-practicing Christian (Roman Catholic) millennial until something spoke to him and inspired this book. His studies focused on completely different
subjects, included a Bachelor’s Degree on Business Administration at the Gabelli School of Business (Fordham University) and a Masters in Economic Intelligence by the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, Spain, eventually concentrating his professional career in this field, also known as Competitive Intelligence. He has always enjoyed writing both in English and in his native Spanish with a special focus on poetry and song lyrics. The gap between his professional experience and the field of theology
meant writing the book was as much a discovery process for the author as it may be for the reader and the interest and innatecuriosity for the subject has only been strengthened by it.

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