Lionaqueen: Let´s save our planet!

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Un libro de Gusti Gol

`Let‘s warm our Hearts and not our Planet´

In this interactive theater script for young people, Liannah, our «Lionaqueen», invites us to understand that Saving our planet is everyone‘s responsibility.
Having animals as protagonists will allow, from the beginning and in a funny way, young people to learn how important it is to take care of their environment and have sustainable habits.


Gusti Gol

Born seven decades ago in Wiesbaden, Germany, as a daughter of merchant parents, with esteem for nature and religion. I have university studies of philology, Lutheran theology, education and psychology.

I wanted to write since I was five years old. For reasons of destiny, it has taken me decades until I was able to carry out my dream and publish my first books in German. After moving to Granada and its Vega, I met marvelous people who encouraged me to translate some of my works into Spanish and helped me in the process of this translation.

I hope you will enjoy this work to the fullest and that we all fight together to preserve our precious planet as the source of life for many generations to come.

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