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Tormented, betrayed but unbreakable as a stone, Emily Peps leaves behind family, everything she has and once loved.
The stripper who became a psychologist.
The psychologist who became a millionaire writer.
A heart divided between two men – an addictive passion, one love that burned her being to hell.
Will she be capable of confronting her past, which unexpectedly returns?
This intense story full of intriguing lies and surprises will instantly captivate your journey.That is if you already chosen to welcome it.
Whose side are you?


Marina Marinela Nutu, born 1980 in Romania. She moved around the world before settling in Madrid. The intensity of her life’s events and experiences gave life to this consistent and absorbing romantic novel. The characters are real, and some chapters are based on true stories.Marina currently lives with her husband and son in Salzburg, Austria.

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