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Un libro de Mark Ford Harrison

A black hole, wandering through space in search of an energy source, detects an NBC dump on planet Earth, which together with the warmth of summer as a vehicle and a country still smarting from the aftereffects of a civil war are the condition which it requires. It sends out a particle beam. Now in the form of an invisible and undetectable cloud, it begins to drift around in order to obtain what it needs to revitalize life on its mother planet in a distant galaxy. The energy that the cloud requires comes from passion, and as it drifts it amplifies human passion and stockpiles the subsequent energy produced. Wherever the cloud passes, fundamental ideologies go haywire. All political and social problems are intensified, whether due to a current passion or the remnants of an old passion, reviving the situation of civil unrest.


Now retired, the creator of this dystopian novel Mark Ford Harrison was a technical author, translator and languages instructor in the aeronautical industry. Interested in humanity while not allotting excessive over importance to its cupidity and paranoia, this is his seventh opus and perhaps the only one where the human race does not appear to emerge victorious.

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