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Within these pages, you will read the story of my life. A sad reality of the 21st century. Discrimination and social inequality still exist. At only 9 years of age, I realized that I was different and I decided to be true to myself and come out of the closet. Since then, I suffered because of it. Bullying, loss, betrayal, mistakes… I tell you my story, at 18 years old, so it doesn’t repeat itself over and over again in the future and so that anyone who can relate to this content can learn and have their voice be heard, and raise our flag with pride, like I do today. «Live without barriers, proud of your flag, when you fall do not let society step on you, get up and keep fighting for your freedom». Jay J.C. Buckley


Jay J.C. Buckley nació en Harlow, Essex, el día 9 de febrero del año 2002. Con tan solo 4 años, sus padres, Tim y Carol, tomaron la decisión de emigrar a España. Jay se dio cuenta de que era diferente cuando era muy joven, con tan solo 9 años. Al principio no fue aceptado por la sociedad y por eso empezó a ser activista de los derechos igualitarios, trabajando en el ámbito LGTB, más que en otro. Su lucha desde siempre ha sido sensibilizar, concienciar y educar a las personas.

Jay J.C. Buckley was born in Harlow, Essex, on February 9th, 2002. At only 4 years old, his parents, Tim and Carol, made the decision to move to Spain. Jay realized that he was different when he was very young, at only 9 years of age. At first, he was not accepted by society and that is why he began to be an equal rights activist, working in the LGTB field, more than any other. His fight has always been to open people’s minds, raise awareness and educate people.

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