Let’s talk about angels. In the beginning

Let’s talk about angels. In the beginning


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Un libro de Lorenzo Brotons

This book is a meeting point so as to solve doubts and fears, to receive orientation during a pleasant conversation from humor and love. I’m going to talk about angels, the spirit and spirits. Believe it or not, so as to be spiritual in this material world you must have a great sense of humor and perspective of the different realities, specially a lot of humor and unconditional love. If you don’t believe in anything of all this, nothing happens, read the book as if it were a science fiction book, like when you read “From the Earth to the Moon” by Julio Verne and it was fantasy ¿Can’t you remember? Damn! » I forgot that not all of us remember…


Lorenzo is a computer technician and an electrical technician as well. In 2009, after the death of a loved person, he had an operation on herniated disc because of his painful spine which didn’t let him move. Some time afterwards, he begins listening to “voices” in his house. He doesn’t know where to go to ask for help. Some people appear, help him, let him know what is happening and change his life and his perception of it completely. “Let’s talk about angels. In the beginning” is his first book where he collects some writings and own experiences. As he is a sensitive person, he guides people to the spiritual self-help so as to know and re-educate the negative aspect of the being and this way, he can help people to discover the wonderful angel of the light who in fact all of us are.

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