Nurturing the Seeds of Change – “How a new police approach can shape the future of Europe”

Colección Investigación

Un libro de Ricardo Valadas / Jesus Lira Calvo / Irena Ivanovska

“Nurturing the seeds of change” is intended to be a recognition of the problems and challenges for all those who work daily for the improvement and maintenance of European security. It is also a recognition of the importance of a balanced society and the role of police work in this achievement.
This is the professionals’ vision for some of the most relevant issues related to security, justice and the future of the Police work in the European framework.
Those are the challenges of security and justice in the near future, the needs for improvement of social and labor rights and quality of life of police officers, the approach to harmonize protection of all European citizens and some of the solutions for the development and harmonization of police work procedures in the complex European framework.
The European dream of equality, liberty and justice, is in danger. Protecting this dream will not be possible without fast and supported decisions and the sincere commitment of all the parties involved in moving this project forward, beginning with each one of us.

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A public servant. Dreamer, restless, in permanent disquiet.


Constantly striving to do things right. Working, so others work better.





Labour Rights Specialist. Devoted in exploring ways to improve the police rights… Unionism as one of them.

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