Pure-Bloods vs Mestizos

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Un libro de Raimund Popper

A true story, which contemplates episodes from the life of the protagonist, through which the reader can feel the experiences of the common citizen, who suffers the stigma of miscegenation, caught in the whirlwind of the conflagration. A society in conflict, annihilated, from its roots, its customs, and its achievements.
It stimulates action over resignation, ingenuity over submission and conveys a message:“An instant of humanity can save your life”.
It is a light that is lit to nourish the human condition, which every man carries within himself, and is the secret for peace in our societies.


Son of a family of emigrants taken in by Venezuela at the end of the Second World War. His family spoke Armenian as his mother´s tongue, German as his father’s, English among his parents, Turkish and Greek among close relatives and, naturally, Spanish among his siblings and schoolmates. From an early age he showed a passion for mathematics, astronomy, history, art, and music.

Raimund Popper received a special education from his tutor, Sir Henry Godwin Johnson, and his interest in world history was strongly influenced by Professor Herman Besselink at The Lawrenceville School, where he completed his baccalaureate studies in 1972. Both personalities succeeded in satisfying his concerns, and his need to travel through the world of history, full of passion and wisdom. He studied mathematics at Princeton University, USA, at the Central University of Venezuela, and completed his doctorate at Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary. Currently, he focuses his research on the need to extend results from his publication in the Illinois Journal of Mathematics, to ‘Lie Pseudomanifolds´, which would open new spaces for the development of dynamical systems with obstructions, and a better understanding of Catastrophe Theory.

Raimund follows closely the events related to the evolution of humanity. He believes that knowledge of history and comparative analysis of past events are fundamental for the cultural and intellectual formation of every human being, nurturing their intellectual growth and strengthening their spirit. He is currently Chief Conceptual Systems Theorist at Futures Diamond, UK. In 2017, in honour of the centenary of his father’s birth, Raimund published the book “Pure-Bloods vs Mestizos”, in a Spanish edition. Now, on the 50th anniversary of graduating from The Lawrenceville School, he publishes the English version, dedicated to all his classmates, and especially to Professor Herman Besselink, whose teachings illuminated those who had the privilege of treading the paths of his wisdom, marked by mastery and eloquence.

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