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Un libro de Norma Kira Masip

Nadia, a dedicated and successful social worker, falls in love with Pasco, a prisoner serving life in prison for murder. Pasco convinces Nadia that he is innocent of the crime. The portrayal of the lives of these two individuals takes the reader through uncharted ethnic, cultural and social situations that eventually bring light into the convoluted story. This thrilling tale, parts of it filtered through the lens of Nadia’s best friend, is based on a true story.


Born in the middle of WWII, raised in France, I grew up in a tri-lingual home. My Catalan parents, refugees from the Spanish Civil War of 1936, fled to France. In my teens we moved to Nimes.
Starting in 1955, we lived in a state of siege due to Algerians who fled their war-torn land; police patrolled the streets with cocked machine guns.
I arrived in the USA at 17, on my own as an au-pair for a French family. I subsequently remained in New York City while attending Hunter College. I became a naturalized American citizen after the birth of my second son. My two sons and their respective families live in the mainland US.
Being planet friendly, I cherish the sanctity of life including peace, and functional, harmonious relationships. My internal tranquility stems from non-violent, conscious communication and my fervor for dancing. In concert with music, movement uplifts the soul and adds spiritual dimensions to the physical. A ballroom dancer, in the 1990’s I was seduced by Salsa and Argentine Tango and the love affair hasn’t stopped yet.
In 2012, I retired to Spain, the land of my ancestors, to honor my parents who weren’t able to retire in their beloved land. Mom died in France in 1955 at the age of 42, Dad in 1968. The sheltering frustration over Covid19, in 2020 inspired me to put the final touches to my memoir, Chocolate Moon.

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