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Stunted mind, misunderstood mind

Colección Poesía

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Un libro de Estefany Mariño Gonçalves

If you have chosen my book, you have to know this is not a normal book. You will experience and feel things that you have never felt before. You will enter the depths of my mind and maybe, you will try to understand my thoughts, but you won’t be able to do it. Probably you wonder where I get my poetic inspiration, and the answer is very easy. Everything is inspirational, our weather, an emotional movie, a bad day at work or people who makes me really happy. I use my environment as my poetic inspiration, and that converts my feelings on my deepest heart.  “My mind, my rules.”


Estefany Mariño, living currently in Valencia.

Born on Canary Islands on 9/09/1999, and shortly after she went to North of Spain, where she grew up.

She wrote poems when she felt bad or happy in a little book, since then, she always expressed herself better through writing.

She love chocolate and heavy metal.

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