THE COUNTRY RESPONSE. Decisive Leadership and Strategy to Combat Coronavirus

THE COUNTRY RESPONSE. Decisive Leadership and Strategy to Combat Coronavirus

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Un libro de Wilfredo Pimentel

Since the end of 2019, the coronavirus has caused millions of cases and deaths worldwide on our daily schedule and affects the way we live. So far, it is clear that
80% of cases and deaths occur in only about 15 countries in the world. That is, 179 countries have managed to reduce the impact of the coronavirus with less
painful results. Wilfredo Pimentel’s book “The Country Response” considers this scenario throughout its six chapters, exemplifes the different success stories, and
proposes an open strategy to combat the coronavirus.
For Wilfredo Pimentel, the fght against the coronavirus must have the power to contain any other pandemic that breaks out in the future. It should not be revived
from scratch. In this context, he considers that the World Health Organizaton’s performance has not been adequate and has not provided the strategic health
vision that is needed for the great ills of the world, such as pandemics, and this insttuton needs to be renewed.
In Peru and other countries with high numbers of cases and deaths, the pandemic’s most signifcant fatality has been caused by errors in the strategies of the
leaders of natons. It has not been exercised with the decisive capacity to combat the coronavirus, restore the country’s viability or prevent second waves. The experiences of dozens of countries that have managed to fght the coronavirus in less than 120 days have not been appropriately applied.
The country’s response is a literary essay with an open strategy. Its constructon identfes the keys in the coronavirus data that have been given to combat it.
Whatever the coronavirus’s level of spread, the plan must be quickly implemented in a specifc framework. Its constructon is based on the books The Executon
Premium and Platorm Revoluton. In additon to the identfed keys, he considers the concepts of Strategy Management Teams, Operatons Management Team,
Strategic Maps, Balanced Scorecard, Key Process, Technology Platorm, etc.
As an open strategy, it prioritzes the partcipaton of the individual, social dynamics, and the State as main actors capable of integratng and combatng the coronavirus with conventonal procedures that are successful worldwide, without reaching a vaccine that modifes human genetcs and whose effects. We stll do not know, promotng human use for unknown purposes without completng the third phase of the investgatons.

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