The Genuine Rock & Roll Years

The Genuine Rock & Roll Years


Un libro de Ron Clark

This fully colored book describes the sad atmosphere the youngsters lived through after the second World War (1940-1945) and the Corean War (1950- 1953). Entire generations of young men had been decimated. At the same time postwar parents and school educators used severe control on their kids who did not have anything to dream with or to cling to. Their lives seemed dull until suddenly in 1955 a musical fact took place that would completely change their lives and provoke a state of full happiness and positive energy. When several north-american musical styles met spontaneously, the mixture was baptized as Rock & Roll and it exploded like a huge bomb in the United States first and worldwide months later. Kids and teenagers felt this music as theirs and filled their souls in ecstasy. Still today, if someone, who lived through those years as a kid or a teenager suddenly hears a genuine Rock & Roll song, his body and soul start to shiver. This non-armed musical revolution became the most important one in history. It immediately invaded and changed many rules established until then in music, society, politics and racial affairs. Millions of parents, teachers and mayors fell into a complete shock and tried to ban Rock & Roll to avoid their kids to mix with black people. Even politicians tried to stop this craze but at the end triumph was ours. It’s really fantastic that today, 60 years later, we have gone back to those retroinspired years like today’s dressing, pompadours, vinyl LP records, and shiny motorcycles. A profound analysis on each and every genuine Rock & Roll pioneer will extensively be treated as well as a lot of other well-known singers up to date. It is a marvelous fact that five out of six original Rock & Roll pioneers from those years 1954-1959 are still alive today and keep on performing. Some are in their late eighties and even one is ninety years old. The author wants to share his feelings of those incredible days because he lived through it and experienced that unforgettable lustrum. At the same time we will talk about the Cold War years, the spaceship “battle” between Russians and Americans, important sportevents and the way we used to live and pass the time 60 years back.


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